Why Gessat?


Gessat does the necessity coming from the awareness and responsibility of being a leading company in the sector, and never leaves the quality – innovative production and service policy that defines its customer satisfaction, under no circumstance. While providing a wide range of products towards needs, its base for production and service mentality as leading status within national and international market is to specifically actualize the requirements of technological structuring, which will create difference in this product range. While providing the highest quality and durable product of today  to its customers, Gessat takes an important role in determining the technology of tomorrow by lighting the way for the world’s future.


Gessat’s high quality production equipment, vast knowledge and wide experience enable the production, surface treatment, oven dying, metal polish procedures to be completed under one constitution. Gessat personnel, who work very well organized and are dependent on fast flow process diagram, constitute the most important step of fast and quality production. Gessat products are tested by the quality procedures under difficult conditions and their quality standard conformities are guaranteed. Gessat had its quality management system certificated by meeting the requirements of international ISO 9001 standard and continues to better it. In line with the continuous betterment approach, Gessat predicates studies based on data and takes its efficiency throughout all the processes to a level capable of competing at an international level. In addition to ISO 9001, Gessa also aims to be standardized in worker’s health and safety with OHSAS 18001, pursues its quality, innovative and safe production and service mentality.